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International School Bangkok

What Money-Value You’ll Get by Choosing to Enroll Your Kids at International School Bangkok

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It is every parent’s desire to give their children the best quality of education that they deserve to have. They get their children to the best schools in the place. They are ready to pay any amount just to get the equivalent value of it.
Getting the children to the best school contributes to having a higher chance of entering the top-ranked universities. But even with the reputation or recognition of a school, parents still want to know and get the value from the money they spent.

If you are currently looking for the best school to enroll your kids at in Bangkok or within Thailand, one of the great options to consider is the International School Bangkok.

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ISB is an international school established in 1951. The brains behind the establishment of the school were innovative and courageous parents. In the beginning, it originally has 50 students. All of the students were children of American and United Nations diplomats. It was situated within the E.S. Embassy grounds. Soon, the school was expanded while the primary and secondary education at the school was started.
The school’s growing population and the desire of offering primary and secondary education fuelled the need to transfer to another location. From being housed within the U.S. Embassy, ISB was relocated to a larger facility Sukhumvit Soi 15. After a few years, ISB established its second campus.
Today, the international school is already located at 39/7 Soi Nichada Thani, Samakee Road. It remained as a non-profit and independent school that is overseen by parents. This serves as the member of the school association.

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The International School Bangkok is not just recognized for its title of being the best schools in Bangkok or in Thailand. It is widely known as an international school around the world. In fact, ISB has been offering premier quality of education to expatriates that are representing over 60 countries, since 1951.
Apart from offering Elementary, Middle School and High School Education, the school also offers summer school for a range of subjects from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. The aim of this summer program is to help optimize the students’ learning potential.

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Why Study in this School?

Many parents are interested in enrolling their kids at International School Bangkok for a reason. First of all, the location of the school is situated outside of the city hub. The entire school is laid out in a 15-hecatare land that gives students enough space. It is one of the best schools that is highly and continuously proven with its high-level of academic achievement.

The teaching staff is comprised of the most outstanding teachers. On the other hand, students are taught in small classes only. ISB is equipped with world-class facilities and is completed with electronic whiteboards and laptop computers that are available in all classrooms. The school also presents a range of activities for students to enjoy and participate in.

The school even employs the most modernized approach to education. The students are not only required to memorize. They also designed a curriculum that guides them for practical learning. One of the best things about “International School Bangkok” is that students are encouraged to practice speaking English all the time. This is the practical learning that proves to be useful for them in the near future and their career.

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